Monday, June 17, 2013

Freebie Friday comes early this week!

Freebie Friday has come early this week.

I caught wind of an extra special freebie for THIS WEEKEND ONLY! Therefore, I knew I had to let you guys know ahead of time.

If you are a Bride to Be, then Saturday June 22nd, 2013, and Sunday June 23rd, 2013, Things Remembered will be giving away a free engraved gift to you.

Here's what they have to say:

"Brides To Be - Visit A Things Remembered Store on Saturday June 22nd & June 23rd, and get a Personalized Gift From Us - Your New Name Engraved on a FREE Key Chain Tag!

RSVP to the Nationwide Event today.

Are you engaged? Join us at your local Things Remembered for an exclusive event June 22nd & 23rd.

• Show your Facebook status as ENGAGED on your phone or in a printout and receive our gift to you: your new name engraved on a FREE key chain. We’ll even use one of our premium fonts to make it stand out even more.
• Free custom wedding logo with $100 minimum (normal is $150)
• Double rewards on Flutes and Servers
• Expert advice! Our engraving experts can help you browse personalized bridesmaid, groomsmen and reception and ceremony essentials to make your big day one of a kind!

Have questions? Give us a call at: 866.902.4438"

You can find more information at their facebook event.
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Friday, June 14, 2013

Freebie Friday- Flower Girls

Hello everyone! Forgive my recent absence. Hopefully I can make up for it.

Today I have an extra special freebie that I've found for our beautiful flower girls. 

It's a new trend to dress flower girls in adorable petti rompers. And by adorable, I mean REALLY ADORABLE! What are these petti rompers you ask?
  I know, right? 

Well, lucky you guys I have found a special shop GIVING THEM AWAY FOR FREE! Now, this is for a 4th of July special so the free ones only come in certain colors, but white, blue, and red are included.

Photo: FREE Fourth Of July Petti Rompers for all our Mommy's Little Sunshine Fans! This is a $21.99 value, yours FREE!! No purchase necessary! Available in four adorable styles!!  

To claim:
-Go to
-Click FACEBOOK GIVEAWAY, on the left side menu
-Select your color and size, then click Buy Now
- Once at checkout enter codeword "FREEDOM", in all caps. This will make your $21.99 total, $0.00! Yes, FREE!!

Coupon not valid with any other offer or promotion. Limit one coupon per order. Shipping and handling not included. Items are subjected to back order without notice. Back ordered items can take up to 3 weeks to ship from purchase date. Supplies are limited. 


And stay tuned for our next giveaway!!

So, head over to Mommy's Little Sunshine and grab yours today. Pick your romper, and use the coupon code FREEDOM. All you have to pay is the shipping. 


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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Real Wedding Entry

That's right. You can now use our real wedding entry tool to submit your(or a friend's) wedding to be featured in their very own post. It's very easy, and user friendly. You can find it here, or with the handy dandy button I've placed at the top of page.

If you're still in the midst of planning your wedding, that's okay! If you have a friend who had a beautiful wedding, then share it with them. 


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Friday, June 7, 2013

Freebie Friday- Favors

Welcome to our first Freebie Friday, Ladies! 

Sorry it's late on our wonderful Friday, BUT I've been a busy busy bee today. I FOUND MY DRESS! It's beautiful, and I'm excited. I would share pictures, but my hunny does occasionally stop by, and it's no peeking until the day of. :)

But who cares! You guys are here for the good stuff!

For our first Freebie Friday I decided to devote my time into finding you all the best free goodies to help you with your FAVORS! Every Bride loves a good favor, and they are even better when they are cheap! So, here's some freebies to help you along. Enjoy!

First we'll start with DIY boxes:

Cloud Box

 These are adorable. You can find these printable beauties here.

Wedding Favour Boxes- Happily Ever After

I LOVE these. They are out of the box, and adorable. And, free. They can be downloaded here.


Eeee! Look how cute! These can be filled with so many different goodies. I love love them. All for you.

Next up we have favor bags. 

 These are priceless They are sewn on the ends. You can fill these with eatables, confetti, bird seed. Anything. They are here.

These seed packets were not technically made for weddings, but a new trend has favors ranging from plantable tree saplings to flower bulbs. Maybe you could personalize these and choose your favorite flower seeds, and your guests could plant them in your honor. Cute. Cheap. My favorite. They are here. 


candybags theprettyblog21 Candyworld {Free Printable} 

How sweet are these candy bags? You can print them here. There are similar bags you can print here, if you'd like a little more variety.

Then, of course, I had to bring you some of the more unique favors I have found.

These printable  fans are perfect for an outdoor wedding. And adorable. They are here.

Lovin' these lollipop covers. Just add a sucker, and some ribbon, and you've got the easiest favor ever. They are here.


You can get the labels to this s'more's kit here. Combine them with one of those free favor boxes, and boom. Camp out to go.

DIY Printable Wedding Activity Book

And, of course, we can't forget the children. These wedding themed coloring books are free. Just add crayons. Adorable. They can be found here. 

I hope you enjoy these! Let me know what you'd like to see on next week's Freebie Friday!
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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Coming Soon!

Happy June, Beautiful Brides!

We have a lot in store this month. Hopefully you've all been following your check lists! If you have then you will have more than enough time to keep up with the new things happening on Six Months to Mrs.

Here's what you can look forward to soon:

1. Freebie Fridays!

That's right ladies. Since our last wedding freebie post has been so popular, I have decided to do it EVERY WEEK! So, keep your eyes open for free wedding goodies. This can be printables, apps, give-a-ways, and more. 

2. Tutorial Tuesdays!

Oh, yes. A project a week. If you have requests, let me know!

3. Real Weddings!

We now have a way for you to submit your own weddings to be featured on the blog. After you work so hard on something, you need a way to show it off to the world. And, I'm sure other Brides would love to gain from your new found knowledge! You can find the form in the navigation bar.

4. We have a Facebook page!

That's right ladies. It's brand new, and waiting. Like the page, and you can be first to know about our updates, and maybe even get to see sneak peeks of posts before they pop up!

5. We have added all of our social media buttons so you can connect in other ways! 

You can find them at the top right of the blog. :)

6. We are currently hunting for a 2nd writer!

I can't do it all alone. So, to provide you with the posts you need I'm adding a partner soon. Hopefully we can get a minimum of three posts a week.

I'm very excited, Ladies!   

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How To: Hand Painted Wine Glasses

 We have all seen the adorable painted wine glasses for all occasions. The ones that sell for $15(or more) a piece at boutiques and other store...  

Well, I don't know about you guys but I'm not about to pay that much for a glass. Therefore, I made my own and YOU CAN TOO! Seriously, you can. And it's super duper easy.

These can make great bridesmaid gifts, bachelorette party favors, or are super cute to have around the house.

 Here's what you'll need:

 This was a last minute project for me so these are items I had laying around the house. You can fine perfectly good wine glasses at The Dollar Tree for $1. Acrylic paint is relatively cheap also. Wal-mart and your everyday craft store carries these small bottles for about $0.50 a pop.

Here's what you do:
  1. Clean and dry your wine glass.
  2. Pick a design and go crazy. Paint your glass however you'd like. Maybe an initial for each bridesmaid?
  3. Once you've finished painting put your glass in the oven, and set it to 350F. DO NOT PREHEAT YOUR OVEN. You want it to heat with the glass or else your glass will crack, which is heartbreaking.
  4. Let your glass cook for 30 minutes from the moment you place it in the oven.
  5. Turn the oven off, open up the oven door, and let the glass cool in the oven for 30 minutes.  
WARNING: I would advise hand washing these to keep your art from fading. 

Now you have a beautiful custom made wine glass. And for less than $2 a pop.

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

The 1st Month.

Today marks 5 months to the day until my wedding. WHOO!

So, I'm making my list and checking it twice to make sure I have everything in order thus far. 

Now that I have finished my first month of wedding planning, I figured it was time to go over the checklist step-by-step. You can find our free printable 6-month checklist here.

 Setting the date and time:

Picking a day can be tough. You want everyone you love to be able to make it, but Honey, let me tell you now: YOU CANNOT PLEASE EVERYONE.

When picking the date of your wedding pick what is best for you. Now if that means early on a Monday morning, then by all mean go for it. This is your wedding.

For the Budgeting Bride, keep in mind how your date and time will effect you monetarily. If you have chosen a popular venue a weekday brunch wedding could cut a few zeros off of the price. It never hurts to ask. Weekends in the afternoon tend to be the pricier times. Also, think of off season weddings. Late Spring and Summer are very popular. A winter or fall wedding could be more inexpensive.

Setting a Budget:

Budgeting can be a scary, scary thing. Don't let it get the best of you though. It's best to take a deep breath and dive right in. First things first, you need to have a sit down with anyone contributing in paying for the wedding. Parents, In-laws, or even if it's just you and your hubby-to-be, you need to dedicate a moment of your time to figure up dollar amounts that you plan on spending on your wedding.

Now, keep in mind that there are plenty of apps and websites made specially to help brides in their time of budgeting need. has a simple easy to use budgeting tool. I recommend Wedding Budget as an easy to use app. It graphs for you! (I may be a nerd, but that was an awesome feature to me!)

Choosing Your Colors:
This is a fun fiance friendly project. It's as easy as a trip to Lowe's paint chip center. We went together with a page printed with all of our combined ideas and pictures, and we chose our colors with relative easy. Then we grabbed up all the paint swatches in those colors and now I, and all of my bridesmaids, keep one handy just in case it is ever needed. If you have a hard time deciding choose a few, take them home, and sleep on it. It will come to you. 

Ceremony & Reception Venues:

This was hard for me. I had this perfect wedding in my mind and I just could not find it in real life for anything. Once I finally stopped stressing over it, I got a call from a friend and boom I had my venue. 

You need to book venues quickly if you are dead set on a date. If there is a deposit needed to reserve, then do it quickly. You don't want to have your heart on something, and then lose it. And, with a six-month engagement, it's important that this is handled early on.

If you are on a strict budget there are a couple of ways that you can cut corners when it comes to a venue. We already talked about off season weddings, and odd-ball times of the day ceremonies. Never rule out the Friends and Family rule though. Ask around to see if a friend or family member has an area to have the wedding instead of paying big bucks for a venue. You don't have to have the traditional church wedding. Or if you do want the chapel, you can opt for the reception to be at a loved one's home, barn, or lake. The greatest thing about weddings these days is you can really think out of the box. Venues can be a part of this. You can offer to pay them what you can, or ask them a price for helping you. I promise it will be less than the Reception Hall down the street every kid on the block has had it's last birthday party.

Guest Lists:

Since we are running on limited time it is best to start compiling your guest list now. That way you have plenty of time to make sure you have missed anyone(and to make decisions on who needs to be cut). This can be time consuming when you're trying to find everyone's up to date addresses and you don't want to have to worry about this later on when you're working on your invites.      

Pick the Wedding Party:
This should be a little something fun for the beginning of your planning. All you have to do is choose your girls, and ask them. Later on this month I'll be sharing a very special DIY project that I did to ask my ladies, and then some links to other options you might be interested in.

Make it fun, and make it special. You only get to do it once. :)